Eagle Lake Homecoming by John Ward

Local Artist's Talent Soaring High at University

From Mt. Sterling Advocate:

Famed Montgomery County artist John Ward will unveil his most recent work, Eagle Lake Homeoming, 4:30 - 7 p.m. Thursday, November 16 at the Gallery for the Arts on Main Street.

Ward, a graduate of Morehead State University, was approached by the university president's wife, Bonnie Eaglin, at an art show with the original idea. She asked John if he would be interested in painting a special piece for the university.

Eaglin felt Ward, an MSU alumni, would have a personal interest as well in the project. Ward met with Eaglin in January, as well as other members of the university, and showed them a sketch of a single eagle.

The final picture included Eagle Lake as the backdrop, along with another eagle flying in the background. 

Prints are available of Eagle Lake Homecoming.

Eagle Lake Mt. Sterling Advocate John Ward

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