Mothers Love by John Ward Featured on Talon Winery's Equestrian Series Wine Bottle

Talon Winery Uses John Ward's Mothers Love on New Equestrian Series Wine Label

Kentucky artist John Ward attended Talon Winery's release of their new Equestrian Series Kentucky Red Table Wine April 26-27. John's image, Mothers Love, was used for the new wine series bottle label.

John Ward as on-site at Talon Winery's unveiling event to sign the bottles along with Wine Maker, Kerry Joliffe. Talon Winery is located in Lexington, Kentucky.

Prints of Mothers Love are available.

 Mothers Love by John Ward featured on Talon Winery wine bottle equestrian series

John Ward's picture, Mothers Love, featured on Talon Winery's new Equestrian Series wine label.

John Ward with Wine Maker Kerry Joliffe at Talon Winery

Kentucky artist John Ward with Talon Winery's Wine Maker, Kerry Joliff, during the release event.

John Ward Mothers Love Talon Winery Equestrian Series Wine Release

Kentucky artist John Ward attended Talon Winery's Equestrian Series Wine Release Party and Bottle Signing. John's image, Mothers Love, is featured on the wine bottle label.

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